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It was an honour and privilege to host Peter for the day at our school. His
life experience and his touching story lends itself to many aspects which
affect young people in today’s society: growing up, acceptance, confidence
and self-esteem, making important choices as well as friendship and family
issues. Peter shared his story with pupils of all ages and backgrounds in
small workshops as well as an assembly, and inspired children and staff

The atmosphere in school that day was indeed wonderful, and Peter’s
friendly, approachable and down-to-earth character caused pupils to want to
talk with him about who they are and what they are facing, and feeling
comfortable asking Peter about his past, his present and what he hopes for
in the future. The children are all eager to read his book and await Peter’s
return next year!

Thank you Peter for visiting us at James Bateman High School! Your time with
us will be remembered as blessed, and will have the children talking for
months to come. We look forward to seeing you again soon and building a long
lasting friendship with you as a school and learning community!

“I cannot recommend Peter highly enough, to come into your school or
workplace to share his inspirational testimony. People of all ages need to
hear his message of facing difficulties, overcoming adversity and pursuing a
successful future”

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